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(Hereinafter defined and referred to as Import2all) Is a company based in Florida and   California, specializing in shipping and handling services on a global scale.

Contact us:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m





The services we provide include:

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • Fulfillment

  • Prep

  • Inspection Compliance

  • Receiving and Shipping Services

  • Barcode and Shipping Labels

  • Packaging of Products

  • Inventory Control

  • Logistical Services

  • Tracking of Inbound and Outbound Shipments

  • Any special request provided by the client 

Terms and conditions

Customer sign-up form (to be signed and returned to us)

Terms and conditions (by singing our sign-up form or log in to our WMS you agree to

Import2all terms and conditions).


We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time in which case we will update the “Last Revised” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. If we make material changes to the way in which we use information we collect, we will use reasonable efforts to notify you (such as by emailing you at the last email address you provided us, by posting notice of such changes on the Services, or by other means consistent with applicable law) and will take additional steps as required by applicable law. If you do not agree to any updates to this Privacy Policy, please do not access or continue to use the services.

Storage and shipment handling


Incoming shipments

The client will notify Import2all about every shipment that is heading their warehouse way. If needed, Import2all can redirect shipments between its different warehouses, even if the destination will be different than originally determined.

Import2all have the right to refuse delivery and not receive a shipment to its warehouse facilities if the client did not open inbound order in the WMS at least 7 days before the shipment arrive. 

The client acknowledges that in Such situation he will be required to find a different warehouse to send its goods to. Such an action will not be considered as if Import2all did not comply with its obligations to the client and the client could not claim any remedies or compensations.

The client acknowledges that the warehouse requirement is that the goods will be stored on pallets only, If pallets were not provided by the client Import2all will purchase a new pallet on behalf of the client and will be added to the monthly invoice.

POD (PROOF OF DELIVERY) - Courier companies Such as (UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS or any other logistic company) that provide POD as proof of delivery or tracking number on their website company. 

That Courier POD will not be used as proof of Delivery/Receiving.

POD or Tracking number will not be used as proof of the inventory quantities that were received.

Final inventory count confirmation will be after Import2all finishes counting and updating their WMS.

Order Fulfillment / FBM Services
Import2all is purchasing shipping labels on behalf of her clients that use FBM / order fulfillment services on a daily basis.

The payment for these shipping labels will be made in one out of two payment options 

1. Receiving an invoice once a week, Only for the shipping costs.  - With no interest

2. Keep paying the shipping cost once a month with an extra 5% interest, only for the shipping costs.

Invoices for shipping labels must be paid immediately.
Import2all will not purchase shipping labels until these payments are made.
3. Client is obligated to pay for any additional fee that applies for his shipping cost.

Long term storage
​Clients without any activity (shipping, receiving , or any fulfillment services) more than 60 days will pay an extra 50% on his storage fees.

This amount will increase by additional 50%  on each 60 days without any activity.

Shipping Marks

The client will make sure all master cartons (boxes) have Import2all shipping marks upon inbound order

(on 4 sides of the box is highly recommended). Or any shipping method

Import2all will provide the client with labels to mark each of their boxes.

All units inside the boxes must be labeled with any SKU barcode.

The barcode on the unit must be identical to the item listed on the system. 


The client acknowledges that not following up with Shipping Marks instructions will cause delays in receiving shipments, might cause confusion, and increase the chance to miss recognizing cases leading to shipping the wrong items. Mistakes caused to items received in cases that did not follow up IMPORT2ALL shipping marks instructions will be considered as client fault.

Double Stack

The client knows and agrees that Import2all can store the goods by stacking pallets (one on top of the other) to save storage space.

If for any reason client request not to double stack he needs to send email or inform Import2all before arriving of the goods

Consignee and shipper

The client knows he should not use the name of Import2all, its owners’ names or its employees with any shipment that is coming to the US. A shipment that will be named after Import2all can be refused and returned to the sender!Import2all, its owners and employees are not the importers of the goods, not the owners of the goods, and have no responsibilities or obligations with the received goods and will not be indicated as consignee, recipient, or receivers of the goods. The client will use its name / his company name as the receiver and indicate the address of the warehouse.

The client acknowledges he will indicate his name or company name with all shipments heading to Import2all warehouse facilities.

Import2all will not be responsible for:

  1. Customs delays

  2. Customs fines

  3. Customs returns orders 

  4. Customs clearance payment

  Or any other special request for import and export.

Live unload

Containers that will be received at Import2all will be handled as Live Unload only.

Import2all will not be responsible for any over charges related to container delays, long unloading time, or any other charges related to the shipment. All shipment charges are the client's responsibility.

Container delivery must be scheduled upon arrival.


$5,000.00 deductibles to be paid by the client if activates Import2all insurance, Import2all has the right to decide if to activate the insurance based on the case.

The client acknowledges that he needs to provide each of his item's factory unit costs before receiving goods to the Import2all warehouse.

Clients who fail to do so, Will not be able to process insurance claims in the future. 

The client has the right to get other insurance coverage by himself.

The client acknowledges and agrees that Import2all is not an insurer or guarantor of any Goods placed in its possession by the DEPOSITOR pursuant to this Agreement.

Insurance covering loss or damage to client's Goods (a) where Import2all is not liable, or (b) which exceed the limitation of damages if Import2all is liable, shall be maintained by the customer.

Import2all shall maintain the following insurance policies:


                         COVERAGE OF CALIFORNIA WAREHOUSE                                     LIMIT


                         Warehouse Legal Liability                                                             $1,000,000.00


                         Commercial General Liability                                                        $1,000,000.00 

                         COVERAGE OF FLORIDA WAREHOUSE                                UPON REQUEST 

​Clients agree to Deposit 30% of the amount expected to be on the next invoice or a minimum of $350

Deposit 30% Before the first Outbound order.

The Deposit will return to the client upon termination.

Import2all has the right to change the amount of the deposit based on the client fulfillment orders of each month.

World Pandemic

The client understands that in those special times delays might occur and Import2all and its team are trying to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. The client will show understanding if shipments are delayed or any other situation that might happen that is related to COVID-19 or any other reasons that might be preventing abilities to provide any kind of service. The client agrees he will not find Import2all, its owners, and its team liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages caused to him and/or to its business

Import2all is obligated to:

  • Provide third-party logistics services. 

  • Provide professionally and diligently by comparable standards in the industry.

  • B2B OR FBA will be fulfilled no later than 3 business days, Processing times may change upon order quantity, or any other circumstances not related to import2all.

  • B2C orders will be processed until 12:00 pm on the same day.

  • Orders received after 12:00 pm will be processed on the next day. 

  • To do all in its power to safely protect and keep all items placed in Import2all facilities.

  • Keep your business confidential regarding your products, listings, and other sensitive information that is considered confidential.

  • Provide customer services and answer questions provided by the customer.

Client obligations:

Complete our signup form and by that acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions.

To send only items that are safe and don’t require a special storage environment.

Do Not ship to our facilities Hazmat products, Flammable, Explosives, or Hazardous materials.

Do not ship to our facilities fake, copied products, or any unoriginal products under any circumstances. 

To ensure that all products are free and clear of all duties and fees before arrival.

To ensure all delivery arrives in our warehouse will be marked with Import2all Labels only. 

Please Note that Unmark goods that arrived in our warehouse without any identification, Will be exterminated or sold on Auction within 60 days from arrival. Such drastic action will take place only if there won’t be any request by email or letter from the client side.

The Client is required to pay all Invoices on the invoice due date. After 3 days the client failed to remit the payment on the Invoice due date, Import2all will be entitled to charge an extra interest of 1% from the total amount on the invoice for every day delayed. After 60 days of delayed payment, the company will be allowed to dispose or sell the client’s goods to others without any notice. Such drastic action will take place only if there won’t be any satisfactory measures taken by the client side.

Price adjustment charge  - Courier companies are doing price adjustments once every few months and charging  import2all, Import2all will send price adjustments to the client if needed and if Import2All bought the labels for the client. 


Any purchase that Import2all makes for the client will be paid in full by the client side at least once a week or upon purchase.s

For example -  Shipping labels, Special materials.

Please note that Import2all will not ship/Receive Any orders if the client has an open balance or low inventory. 
This decision will be at the sole discretion of Import2all.

The client will not use the company name as the consignee for any shipment to or from the US or any other country.
The client will be sure that all communication ways are updated: Email, Phone, Address, and more.
If a client changes any of these communication ways he must update Import2all.


Any side can terminate this agreement by giving written 30 days advance notice.
Any outstanding payments to Import2all must be paid before goods will be shipped out.

Third Party Software
Any third-party software application Company uses on the Import2all website, to connect to the Services, or related to the Services (“Third Party Software”) is solely subject to any third-party software provider software licenses.
Import2all does not own, control or have any responsibility or liability for any Third Party Software.

Insurance and responsibilities

Import2all is holding an insurance policy for the goods of others. If there will be a need to use the insurance, The client will cover the deductibles of $5,000.00 The client can get his insurance coverage for the goods if he wants to do so. 

Import2all, the owners and workers won’t be responsible for any losses or damages of goods if they aren't accepted by the insurance company.
If there will be any damage or loss the client can only consider compensation from his insurance company.

The client is required to make sure there are no Trademark violations related to his products. Protected Trademark Products require authorization from the Trademark owner (the client is required to check if an item is Trademarked before you send it to us). It is recommended to check if there is no issue selling this item in the US and particularly on Amazon before delivery.

Import2all is not the owner of the goods. All responsibilities related to the goods, usage by the clients, and compliance with all required standards and documentation are of the Client.

Import2all will not open the master box to count or check the unit (product) inside unless the client is asking for an inventory check, Import2all will update the system according to the labels on the box only.

Therefore, Import2all is not responsible for any incorrect quantity of units in the boxes.

The date on Import2all WMS is based on the information the client provides on the Inbound order.

Delivery and Pickup

Courier companies Such as (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS or any other logistic company) provide POD as proof of delivery or tracking number on their website company.

That Courier POD will not be used as proof of Delivery/Receiving.

POD or Tracking number will not be used as proof of the inventory quantities that were received.

The final receiving count (Master Boxes only) will be after Import2all completes counting and updating their WMS.

UPS and the other logistics companies refuse to scan the boxes once picked, what can cause missing boxes

Import2all clients that ship boxes to an Amazon warehouse or any other location that is purchasing labels from a third party like Amazon. Import2all will not take any responsibility for the delivery process once the product was picked up by the logistics companies.

Even if the tracking number doesn’t show any updates. 

  • Import2all will not provide any proof of delivery if the labels were not bought from Import2all.

  • Import2all will not be responsible in any way for the package once it leaves the warehouse.

  • Import2all can't be involved in any way in a legal action or claims with the logistics companies

    In no event shall Import2all, owners, managers, employees, or our suppliers be liable for lost profits or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with our service, or this agreement. If Import2all will not accept liability in any circumstance, it is limited to the actual amount of direct damages and excludes any consequential or incidental loss.

Disputes and other terms 

The client agrees to waive all liability and hold Import2all harmless for all loss, damage, theft, injury, late shipments, and erroneous shipments.

Import2all holds insurance for stored items of a third party. Import2all is not an insurance specialist or insurance provider. Please consider getting consulted by a specialist to get the insurance coverage that is best for your needs.

Any dispute that might occur without the parties getting to an agreement will be resolved by a negotiator located in Florida / California if still a resolution won’t be found a Florida/California court will resolve the disagreement.

Import2all is eligible to change/update this agreement at any time with advance notice.

Minimum payment will be calculated as a full month and does not depend on the number of days of service, and will include the relevant billing cycle.

import2all reserves the right to terminate communication, or not to provide service with any customer for any reason, with at least 30 days' notice (not business days)
The customer will be responsible for removing all goods, equipment, packaging products, etc. belonging to him within 30 days or less but no more than 30 days (not business days).
import2all will not be responsible in any way for the goods that remain in the warehouse after the 30 days (not business days) and will not be responsible for financial expenses of any kind, such as transportation expenses, garbage removal, destruction or any action that happens to the customer's goods.
import2all reserves the right to transfer the inventory between import2all's warehouses that it rents or purchases, in all 48 states in the United States, according to import2all's needs without prior notice to the customer.
import2all is not obliged to reserve storage space for the customer, storage space for the customer is based on free available space only.

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